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Alpha Hydroxy Acid

If you want to have beautiful skin, then it is very likely you may be interested in knowing some of the facts about AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Many people use this to help their skin look its best. This is an active ingredient that is included in many of the ZENMED skin care product line.

AHA has long been used to help the appearance and texture of the skin. It is very popular to help the skin look younger and reduce fine lines as well as other things that cause premature aging. This is the desire of most people to help maintain younger looking skin.

The ingredient AHAs are derived from different plant sources as well as milk. However, 99% of the AHA’s that are in cosmetics are totally synthetic. Many people may not be aware of this but is true. Actually this ingredient comes in low concentrations which may be less than %3.

It is important to not that the concentrations over 4% and in a base with an acid pH of 3 to 4, these can exfoliate skin cells. AHA does this by breaking down the skin cells which will lead to the exfoliation of skin. Some of the most effective are glycolic acid and lactic acid. These are very useful and make up an important part of the ingredients of AHA.

Many of ZENMED skin care products contain this ingredient and particularly ones that work to exfoliate dead skin cells. This is a great ingredient which is very popular these days.

ZENMED offers this ingredient in many of its skin care products and if you want to find one to give you the most benefits you may want to consider looking at their huge line to allow you to do so. You have many to choose from and you can really make a difference in the way you skin looks and feels when you use AHA.

Many wrinkles can be reduced when an ingredient such as AHA is used on a daily basis. This is a huge part of the allure and popularity of this particular ingredient and it can aid you in having much younger looking skin when you too use it regularly. You may want to check out all of ZENMED skin care products to find the one that wi work best for you and you then can get the results you wish to have.

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