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If you suffer from rosacea sometimes it is easy to become misinformed about your condition.  Here are a few common myths you may have heard.

MYTH:  There is nothing you can do to control rosacea.

FACT:  While Rosacea cannot be cured, there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of having an outbreak.  The most important thing is to find yourself a gentle skincare routine with a serum to control the outbreaks such as the ZENMED Skin Support System.   Food and environmental triggers also greatly contribute to increased redness and irritation so learn what your triggers are and try to stay away from them.

MYTH:  If I have dark skin – it can’t be rosacea.

FACT:  While rosacea is more common in fair skinned people – it can affect anyone.

MYTH:  Rosacea is a rare condition.

FACT:   There are approximately 20 million people in North America that suffer from rosacea!  A lot of people are undiagnosed as well so there may actually be more.

MYTH:  I am a man so I cannot get rosacea.

FACT:  Although it does occur more often in women – men can for sure develop rosacea and often the symptoms appear more severely in men than it does in women.

MYTH:  Heavy drinking causes rosacea.

FACT:   Drinking does not cause rosacea but it can greatly trigger any flare ups you may have.

MYTH:  I have bumps so it must be acne and not rosacea.

FACT:  Rosacea can cause bumps on the skin that most people mistake, and treat, for acne.  It is not impossible to have acne and rosacea at the same time but most of the time treating the rosacea will greatly help with the bumps.

MYTH:  I am only 21 so I can’t have rosacea.

FACT:  Rosacea typically occurs between the ages of 30 and 60 but it can show itself at any age.

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