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How long are your products good for?

Do you have a drawer full of old lotions and makeup and are wondering if they are still any good to use on your skin?  Most of us do – and here’s the lowdown on what to keep and what to toss.

First of all, use common sense – if you have had something hanging around for more than 5 years, or if it is covered with a layer of slime or has seriously discolored – it’s time to go in the garbage!  Some products do discolor slightly as they oxidize but if your product has changed color significantly or starts to smell quite different or moldy - toss it!  Be sure to store all of your products in a cool, dry place.  Do not keep your products in your bathroom where they can be affected by the steam and heat - a drawer in your bedroom is a great choice.  Watch for any expiry dates stamped on the bottom or neck of the product – most products with sunscreen will have this. And if you dip your fingers into your lotions or makeup to apply it – you may want to invest in a new product sooner as bacteria can build up in the products.

Unopened lotions will usually last a good 2-3 years and opened products will generally last about 6 months to a year.  Any lotions with sunscreen or active ingredients will start to become a bit less effective after being opened for 6 months or so.   Cleansers and Exfoliant products generally follow the same timelines. 

The same goes for makeup when it comes to an unopened product – but once opened makeup timelines can be quite different.   Foundations and conceallers follow the 6 – 9 month rule once opened.  Powders, eye shadows and blushes are generally fine for about a year or two.  Lipsticks and glosses can last 2-3 years, but watch for texture changes.   Eye liners can last about a year, yet mascara only 3 months!   If you have any eye infections, a cold, or cold sore – throw out your makeup!  You can pass the infection back to yourself!   At the very least – sharpen your eyeliners and lip liners well and wipe off a great deal of the lipstick to get rid of the germs – but still throw out your mascara as it holds in bacteria easier.

Fall is a great time to invest in a new skincare regimen and some new fresh makeup colors, so start fresh with some brand new products!

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