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It’s important to know that acne doesn’t just affect teenagers. 50% of all adult women will experience adult acne at some point during their life.

Regardless of what age you suffer from adult acne, it can cause depression and anxiety, affecting you just as much as if you were a teenager.

The causes of adult acne are still unknown but certain things can cause a flare up, including certain cosmetics, stresses of everyday life, hormones, poor diet and bacteria.

I recently came across an amazing woman Cassandra Bankson who suffers from severe acne on her face, neck, chest and back. Cassandra has become an internet sensation after posting her make-up transformations on YouTube. She’s managed to cover her acne scars so well that she’s now a part-time model.

Having a good cover up routine with make-up is extremely important, especially if you are a woman but taking a more direct approach is something that should not be over looked.

Finding a successful treatment for adult acne can be frustrating as there are so many different products on the market and these really depend on how severe your acne is.

Always look for a products that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic, you can find these ingredients in good skincare products. Natural and organic products are definitely a must when looking for good acne treatments.

Cassandra Bankson

Avoid acne skincare products that are geared towards teenage skin as these are typically for teenage oily skin and may dry out the adult skin as it produces less sebum. There are certain skincare products that are geared towards the adult skin and are excellent for treating adult acne, whether you suffer from dry or oily skin.

There are certain oral medications that women can take that are prescribed for acne, one being birth control pills that can help mild cases of adult acne around the monthly cycle. These will help balance hormone levels that can cause breakouts.

Other medications that can be used to treat adult acne are Spironolactone which is an anti-androgen drug. Spironolactone blocks androgen receptors in the body. The Androgen hormones have been closely linked to adult acne. Some women are prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which can also help clear up adult acne in post-menopausal women.

Whether you suffer from severe or mild adult acne, please don’t despair, there are products, treatments, tips, support and advice out there for you that can all help.

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